Grown Local OK – Farm Fresh Eggs From Happy Chickens

Price: – $3.00 per dozen/brown, 2 dozen for $5.00. Farm Membership discount available. Call ahead for availability and to make an appointment to pick up an order.

Experience for yourself the difference grass makes in egg quality and nutrition. Whites are not runny and sloppy, yolks are firm and a rich marigold color, even the shells are thick and hard. And taste? Absolutely delicious, a rich flavor simply unrivaled by store bought eggs. Eggs produced by pasture grazed hens have less fat and far less cholesterol, more Omega-3 fatty acids (vital for optimal heart and brain function), and a very high level of beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A). Our chickens are not fed chemicals or hormones; they simply live as nature intended enjoying a fresh, natural, free range diet. Our hens enjoy a wonderful, happy life so they can produce the most nutritious eggs for you.

Grown Local Fresh Eggs

What makes our eggs so exceptional?

No antibiotics
No hormones
No de-beaking
No preservatives
No medications
No pesticides
No poultry or meat by-products are fed

How to tell if your eggs are Fresh?