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We are locally owned and operated.

We are the Butler's, Frank, Shirley, Curtis and Trenia, and we raise grass fed Angus cross cattle, Katahdin Sheep, Kiko Goats, and free-range Chickens (Buckeye and Cornish cross) free-rang. Our pastures are lush with local grasses and plants, the best fed animals on earth are animals that graze freely throughout their lives, eating an all grass diet. The GrownLocalOK.com animals are Hormone Free, Antiboiotic Free and Steroid Free. Our animals eat right so you can too!

Our Grass fed beef, lamb, goat and chickens are processed at a USDA inspected facility. We also offer private sale or live meat sale off the farm. We sell beef, lamb, and goats by the whole, halves, or quarters. We have baby chicks for sale if you want to grow your own. We sell the chickens 1-50 the number you order 3-5 lb average weight.

Expose your family to fresh, healthy food, full of vitamin C, vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Omega 3 fatty Acids and Proven Cancer fighter CLA - Buy Grown Local

    Importance of Buying Grown Local:

  • Local Produce is Fresher - Local produce is picked and eaten at the height of ripeness and was probably picked within the past day or two.
  • Local Food Supports Local Farmers - Family farms are part of the American tradition of self-sufficiency and serve as the basis of local communities. With each local food purchase more of your money spent on food goes directly to the farmer.
  • Buying Local Protects the Environment - When you buy food locally you reduce energy consumption. Food, on average, travels 1500-2500 miles from farm to table. Buying local makes the earth happy.
  • Buying Local Preserves Diversity - Small acreage growers of heirloom, culinary, ethnic, and specialty crops not widely grown on a large scale or found at traditional food sources.

Grown Local – Monthly Meat Specials

Buy Grassfed meats
No Antibiotics
No Growth Hormones

Get a week’s worth of meat simply with our meat assortment package. Always from local farms, this pack will include free-range

Meats Include – Beef, lamb, chicken, rabit and goat

Worried About Freezer Space?

Are you worried about freezer space? One cubic foot of freezer space will hold approximately 30-32 lbs of beef. Our beef is sold by the 1/4, 1/2, and whole. Each 1/4 would split a side of beef to include part of the hind and part of the shoulder. The cuts per side would include chuck, rib, loin, round, shank, briscut, short plate and flank. These pieces are then cut into steaks, roasts, beef cubes, strip steaks, and ground beef.

Grown Local OK – About the Breed of Dorper Sheep

The official registry for Dorper Sheep in the USADorper Sheep – Meat Sheep for the Modern Producer. Hardy and Adaptable – Dorper Sheep are highly adaptable and do well in harsh, extensive conditions as well as in more intensive operations. Excellent Maternal Qualities – Ewes are excellent mothers and heavy milkers. Lambs are vigorous and have high survivability.

Grown Local OK – History of Katahdin Sheep – Hair and Meat Sheep

Katahdin sheep are a breed of hair sheep developed in the United States. The Katahdin breed originated at the Piel Farm in north central Maine where Michael Piel was an innovator and amateur geneticist who enjoyed raising livestock. His first intentions related to establishing a sheep enterprise were to use sheep to graze power lines instead of spraying or mowing the vegetation. He then developed other ideas on how to employ sheep for land management.